The East Coast Needs Life Insurance!

Company Name:
Family First Life
Position Type:
About Family First Life:
Family First Life is an IMO (independent marketing organization); we are the middle man between the agents and the carriers. We work with many carriers, our top two are Americo and American Amicable. FFL specializes in Mortgage Protection and Final Expense. Our mission is to put our agents families first and we train our agents to put their clients families first.
Competitive Advantages:
Family First Life offers high comp, we start at 90% and you can earn all the way up to 140%. We also have vested renewals; FFL believes that you should keep all the money you earn. If you sold the policy, you keep the renewals for the life of the policy.
FFL offers free training including, online videos, we have many online training videos for those who learn best visually. We have weekly conference calls for you to listen in on, which include product training calls, sales calls and new agent calls with the president of our company, Shawn Meaike. Finally, we have in person monthly boot camps in many different cities that are run by our top producers as well as Shawn himself.
Our Lead programs are the best by far! We offer direct mail leads, the families want YOUR help. We have leads in our inventory ranging from $0.50-$30.00. We also offer the option of FREE leads at a lower comp, and recently added a new Lead Subsidy Program. In this program, we have the ability to generate brand new leads in your area within 3-4 weeks just for you. You will have access to Mortgage Protection leads that are less than 10 days old at the low price of $22 per lead (at a 90% commission level). For leads as new as this at any other IMO, you would either pay $80-100 or be stuck at a 55% contract.
Family First Life stands apart from the rest of the herd because we want to get YOU profitable.
Work Environment:
Our life insurance sales position is not a go to an office Monday Friday, 9:00am 5:00pm job. You will make your own schedule and determine how little or how much you want to work. You will be making time for yourself to call the families and set up appointments to meet with them in their home. This is not a hand holding job however, if you do have any questions our new agent mentor is only a phone call away. Our motto is really to go out there and make mistakes then you can actually come up with valid questions for your mentor. We say its okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.
What FFL is looking for:
Although this is an entry level position, we are looking for motivated, caring individuals who have the drive to help people. You MUST genuinely care about people. Whether you have no experience or 20 years experience you need to put the clients families first.
If you are currently an independent contractor or employee of Superior Performers Inc. d/b/a National Agents Alliance ("NAA"), please disregard this email. We are not currently hiring NAA agents.

Don't Be Fooled

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